Greg Dunn - Programme Manager for MSc Viticulture & Oenology Plumpton College Wine Division

I recently had the pleasure to meet & photograph Dr Greg Dunn who's moved from Australia to Sunny Sussex to join the team at Plumpton College Wine Division where he will lead the MSc viticulture & oenology course. Greg is a accomplished researcher & educator who will no doubt be an asset to the Plumpton team.

We drove through the Sussex countryside to Rock Lodge Vineyard from Plumpton where students learn viticulture skills and conduct research. During the drive Greg commented on how green is the landscape compared to what he's used to in his native land!

Dr Greg Dunn on his first visit to Rock Lodge Vineyard
- one of Plumpton College's teaching & research vineyards in Sussex, England

Dr Greg Dunn
Programme Manager for MSc Viticulture & Oenology
Plumpton College Wine Division

About the business
Q When did you join Plumpton College Wine Division?
GD November 6th 2017.

Q What does Plumpton College Wine Division do?
GD Education, training, industry support and research in grapes and wine.

Q What is your favourite product?
GD I like most wine.

Q What does the future hold?
GD Hopefully further useful involvement with the UK wine industry and national and international students.

About your job
Q Why did you change careers?
GD I moved from predominantly research management to education because I am passionate about education and training and see it as the biggest single factor in facilitating positive change and industry development. 

Q What is the best things about your current role?
GD The students at Plumpton are great and my colleagues are wonderful to work with.

Q What have been their biggest highlights/success in your current job?
GD Organising and running the study tour of Champagne with 10 MSc students & helping students develop industry relevant research projects.

About your time Plumpton
Q What did you study prior to joining Plumpton College Wine Division ?
GD I have a BSc (Hons) in Botany (Melb. Uni) and PhD in Plant Physiology (Melb. Uni).

About you
Q Where are you from?
GD Australia (but out of Africa in that I was born in Ethiopia).

Q What was your previous career?
GD Research Scientist – Forest Science.
Research Scientist – Viticulture and Horticulture.
Associate Professor (Viticulture) – University of Melbourne.
Deputy Director - National Wine and Grape Industry Centre, Wagga Wagga.

Q Something about you?
GD Passionate about cooking, Australian Rules football, photography and anything to do with a surf beach.

Q What would be your desert island wine, or would you choose another beverage?
GD I have heard that water is pretty important on a desert island. Outside that, Riesling – an extraordinarily versatile grape.

Now if it was a dessert island rather than desert island it would have to be sauternes.

Q What is your favourite wine destination?
GD Margaret River, Western Australia. A beautiful albeit isolated part of the world - beaches, vineyards, wineries, breweries and floristically fascinating (an incredibly diverse flora with an extremely high level of endemism).

Q Dog, cat, other?

GD I left my cat in Australia with one of my daughters

Thank you Greg, a pleasure to meet you - if you need a cat fix, I'm sure Cato & Clouseau would be pleased to meet you!

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